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Client Testimonials

San Miguel de Allende interior designers and decorators

We just had the most pleasant experience! Eli  and Joseph transformed a dusty, dark cave-like casita jammed with junk and boxes into the most delightful space that absolutely works! They made use of furniture we thought was hopeless. Their ideas were absolutely spot on. We could not recommend them more highly.

They are very talented and knowledgeable men who set a high standard not only for themselves, but also for the subcontractors they employ. They are also scrupulously fair. This was a 100% positive experience and we weren't even there! Our communication was all done by phone and computer - coming home to San Miguel was like Christmas morning as a kid.

Dianne and Richard Leger

I want to share a wonderful experience that my husband and I had  in our home today. We were ready for some changes after seven years living with the same stuff in the same place.  We were fortunate to have two very talented decorators, Joseph and Eli come to our house. Their talent of being able to evaluate, re-think, and re-use what was on hand in such a creative way left me in awe. And I consider myself a decorator!

In 1 1/2 hours they transformed my entrance way from a cold space to a most welcoming one, re-arranged the living room, and freed up space in my bedroom to make it roomy and comfortable. The wonderful part was I didn't have to lift a finger or buy any materials! I can't recommend them enough.  Both are wonderful and generous people who volunteer much to our community. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they are up-beat and lots of fun.

Kim McDonald


Joseph and Eli came to my apartment late yesterday morning and transformed it! They were graceful and charming and so talented. Difficult spaces, difficult pieces, too much, too little, tired looking - no problem. Work with what you have, work with what you'd LIKE to have - they can tell you how and why. Thank you, thank you Eli and Joseph. I like my apartment a lot, but after yesterday, I really love it. It feels so good now!


Anna Griffith

Eli and Joseph are very talented and I really liked all the skills they offered on my project. I moved from a large house to a smaller condo, and they were instrumental in helping me decide what furniture and art I could take, where to place it, and how to pull the entire space together beautifully.
They demonstrated over and over again that moving and decorating a new home can be a fun and non-traumatizing experience! I love my new space. I recommend them wholeheartedly!


Jim Fletcher

We are so grateful to you for the joyous way you accomplish your work and for the lovely transformation to our home. Somehow, you managed to capture the warmth and comfort we sought... which eluded us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Janet Harris

I LOVE the Sublime Design guys!!! They redid the downstairs of my house and it is now so livable... they are fun, fun, fun! They reused a lot of my furniture and are quite affordable. I am super happy!

Victoria Pierce

Thank you so much for making our dreams come true! From the very beginning, we knew that we could trust you as you seemed to know exactly what we were looking for-- even though we weren't so sure ourselves. We truly love our new home that you helped us create, literally from the ground up, and all the details in between.

Hope and Gary Andrews

I have hired Sublime Design Interiors on two occasions. I have been thrilled with the outcome each time and the very good value of their work. I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of working with Joseph and Eli. I look forward to our next project together!

Len Gregory

Eli and Joseph, it was a 'sublime' experience working with both of you. You two have transformed our house from blah to fabulous. It is a pleasure to wake up each morning to such beauty and then spend the evenings in such peaceful, tranquil rooms. You two are truly talented. Thanks again!

Dale and Etan

I wanted to have a warm, comfortable, elegant look and feel, but didn't have a clue how or where to begin. The results are awesome... Thank you for making this experience so effortless and gratifying.

Gail L

I would also like to share my gratitude for those Sublime Designers. With their positive and delightful energies and ideas they brought me out of my polvo-filled construction zone into a wonderful-feeling zone. They were the turning point for me - I was feeling ever so hopeless and  along they came. They nailed, moved, hammered, stapled, drilled, allowed me to rant about my building woes, guided, and humored me through a most stressful time. I could not have done it without them. They are the Tony the Tiger G-R-E-A-Test!!!

Barbara Fess

We were so fortunate to have connected with Joseph and Eli. They did such an incredible job with our first decorating project, that we had to hire them to finish the rest of the house. I loved that they listened to what we wanted, worked within our budget and provided creative, beautiful solutions for our home. They hired top quality contractors, oversaw the entire project and allowed us to enjoy the project and not worry about the details (because they were already doing that). We miss seeing you!

Michelle Graham

Joseph and Eli were wonderful and so creative to work with! They took an old storage room and transformed it into a magical children's play room...we are so grateful for this partnership.

Laura Mustari, Home Start, Inc.

Joseph and Eli were fast, affordable, creative, found new uses for our current furnishings - saving us lots of money - and were fun to work with! We are very pleased with the results.

Lauren Osornio and Ted Englander

We love, love, love everything you did that turned our house into a home. You truly listened to our desires and created a special place for each of us. And you did it all in one day! It would’ve taken me two weeks just to hang pictures! We really appreciate it - the results went far beyond our expectations.

Theresa and Tony Pollock

Thank you Joseph and Eli for creating a child-friendly yet inviting home for me and my son. You really understood the type of atmosphere I wanted, and at no time did I feel like I compromised my tastes or ideas. It was so fun working together, and I appreciated your attention to detail as well as staying well within my budget. I won't hesitate to refer you to my friends!

Marliss Peterson

I hired Sublime Design when I was struggling to find a way to bring warmth into my newly constructed home. They quickly came up with a solution. They have excellent sense of color and design. I highly recommend their service.

Sidney Emmer

I would highly recommend Eli and Joseph. They worked magic for us, really great at laying out the space so it 'works' and can do the whole project from design to management and execution... and fun guys to go shopping with. You will enjoy working with them a lot!

Denis Beaudry

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